​Best Home Espresso Machine Review

Nothing can be great than to start a day with a delicious and flavorsome cup of coffee. It is just awesome to begin your morning with energizing as well as aromatic cup of coffee. Though, I like to start my day with a double shot cup of espresso.

Best Home Espresso Machine

All thanks to my espresso maker that delivers me barista quality and rich espresso each time i need it. If you are just like me and desire to make cup of espresso or cappuccino at your home then you can surely depend on Cuisinart EM-100 espresso maker, best home espresso machine. The machine delivers two cups of espresso or cappuccino and maintains the quality in your espresso that you want.

Time to Choose Your Best Home Espresso Machine & Enjoy Delicious Espresso the Whole Day

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Best Home Espresso Machine: Important Features

# Ideal For Nuclear Family

This machine is just perfect for small family. If you have four to five member in your family and you all prefer to have coffee after leaving bed in the morning or in the time you chat together in the evening then this machine is just made for you. You can brew two cups of coffee at same time and just less than a minute.

  • The machine has unique cup-warming tray on the top of it.
  • This warming tray keeps your cups warm when you prepare other cups of coffee.

Hence, it will take your five to six minutes only to prepare four or five cups of coffee or espresso and you people can carry on your coffee gossip together.

Best Home Espresso Machine

# Perfect Machine for Latte & Cappuccino Lover

If you cannot imagine a day without a cup of cappuccino or rich and creamy latte then this machine apt for you. The device is unique in making perfect cup of cappuccino or latte because of its dual frothing and steaming feature.

  • The steam nozzle can froth milk perfectly injecting air and water which is ideal to make cup of cappuccino.
  • If you part the stainless steam nozzle from the steam tube then you can steam your milk injecting air to make perfect foam on top of milk container which is perfect of making your favorite latte.

The machine can prepare two cups of cappuccino or latte at same time

# Long-lasting & Easy to Carry

People who are tired of investing money again and again to buy espresso maker for home or office, yet got dissatisfied, this machine can be great deal for them. I am one of the satisfied buyers of this best home espresso machine.

  • The machine is made up with high-duty stainless steel.
  • It delivers long time performance.
  • The machine is also portable that you can place on your kitchen space or you can keep it beside your work station.

So, each time you need a warm cup of coffee or espresso to energize yourself, you do not need to go to your kitchen, but you can prepare your cup of drink sitting at your work station and enjoy break time.

Home Espresso Machine: Unique Feature

1. High Capable 15 Bars Pressure

Many espresso machine you see in the market available with 10 to 12 bars of pressure and some advanced features that are in need for producing best coffee. This coffee machine is a bit different compared to other machines available in the market.

This Cuisinart EM 100 1000/Watt machine is made of 15 bars of pressure for produced perfect coffee drinks anytime you need. This high capable 15 bars pressure work excellent producing high quality, creama delicious coffee for your family. This machine gives extensive pressure that brew the coffee to its utmost that is necessary to make your coffee creama.

2. High Capacity 1000 Watt Machine

When you purchase a coffee machine you certainly see the watt or the capacity of the machine, which not only says about your coffee machine’s longevity but also provide to know how strong your coffee machine is.

A good coffee machine only made of high watt capacity, and here it comes with Cuisinart Em-100 1000 Watt machine. It helps the coffee pressure enough to brew and make creama coffee that most of the coffee lovers like. You might think if the coffee machine is made of 1000 watt then it consumes more energy. A bit surely, but not that much what you are thinking.

3. Brews 1 – 2 Cups at a Time

Hundreds of coffee machines you see floating in the market, but can you tell us how many coffee machines can brews more than one cup coffee at a time? This Cuisinart EM-100 1000 Watt 15 bar espresso maker can give you that, means more than one cup at a time.

It is just a plug and play featured coffee machine for small family and office use. You can easily brews 1 to 2 cups of coffee of your favorite choice either ground espresso or pods. Just place 2 cups at a time and press the required button, your coffee is ready just in a moment.

4. 53-Ounce Big Removal Reservoir

More the ounce a coffee machine gives more the profit you get from it. So try to find a coffee machine for your home or office that can give more than 50 ounce. Fortunately, the Cuisinart EM-100 coffee machine can give what you are looking for, yes this is one of the great coffee machines which comes with 53-ounce removable reservoir.

Big enough, right! The reservoir is built with high quality material, porta-filter holder with a nice cup-warming plate that proved the best coffee machine made ever. With this machine you can produce more cups than your previous kitchen’s friend.

5. Multiple features in One Machine

In the time you find a coffee machine for your home or office and finally decided to buy that, you must see the features provided by the machine. One, two or three features do not meet all the need at home, and when you like a big cup cream espresso.

So what do you think? You must buy a machine that can give you multiple features in one machine. Cuisinart EM- 100 is that machine which made of steam nozzle, frothing cup, highly durable removable drip tray and tamping tool included in it.

6. Standard Functional Knob

Most of the coffee machines come up with multi-modal knob, after a long time of use these modal knobs do not work, but when you buy this machine it ensures you not to happen that. This coffee machine is built with highly functional knob with three most important settings, such as steam, hot water and makes coffee.

These three knobs are not only important, but also you use on a regular basis to make your coffee. Sometimes you use it when you have a kitty party or your colleagues come to meet you and you like to serve them tasty cup of coffee.

7. Great Commercial Steam Wand

You might think why you need commercial steam wand? When you buy a coffee machine just for your home use and often to use at small office? This regular use and multiple time usable coffee machines are prone to suffer after a long use, but when you have commercial steam wand feature, you are far away from that happening.

You can use steam milk for the purpose of cappuccinos and lattes anytime, be it morning or evening or other time you like to taste high quality cream coffee and spend more time with your family.

8. Measuring Scoop Tool

Measuring scoop often called tamping tool, one of the greatest tools widely used in coffee machine, especially high standard coffee machines. With this amazing tool you can use one side of a coffee scoop as well as the other side to compact coffee grounds in the filter basket before it brews.

This tool made a coffee machine advanced and also helps you to make your coffee fast and quality just in a few seconds. This is very true, when your colleges or relatives come to your house and you are in hurry, you have little time to produce more cups in a few minutes.

9. Filter Baskets

You must have heard the name filter baskets, if you have already used a high standard coffee machine at home or office. This is a latest feature that most of the high standard coffee machine manufactures use.

The filter baskets use 1 cup filter just for a single espresso and the 2 cup filter basket for the purpose of double espresso. The pod filter built in the basket for espresso pods make it possible. You will have great coffee all the time with your family and friends in the weekend kitty party

10. Cleaning Pins Feature

This is one of the most important features I have ever seen only in a few coffee machines, and this is one of them. This cleaning pin is especially used to clean any excess or over flown milk that gets stuck inside the steam wand or sometimes particles of coffee get stuck in the filter of the basket. Hardly a few coffee machines are available in the market are made with removable features.

It means only a few parts can be removed to wash and clean. But in this machine most of the things like drip tray, coffee mug and reservoir can be detached and cleaned.

best home espresso machine

When you wake up in the morning and feel tired in-spite of having 7 to 8 hours sleep, you need a warm, tasteful and rich cup of coffee. Cuisinart is one of the best coffee makers that can brew traditional coffee, espresso single or double shot, cappuccino and latte with ideal consistency as well as taste that everybody desire to have.

You can kick start a new day with freshness and full of energy when you have this coffee machine at your home. You can brew one or two cup of coffee at same time. If you are obsessed to have cup of hot espresso in morning and evening then the machine is best home espresso machine you have invested.

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