How to Clean Breville Espresso Machine

A steaming hot brew to stimulate and brighten up your day, however, can be stifling for your breville espresso machine. Any dirt or grease inside the machine can reduce the brewing flow, or the brewing temperature, the durability of your machine, and the most important, taste of your Espresso. 

Making the best out of your Breville every time you replenish your throat only calls for another tedious cleaning process. But it’s true that, the more you maintain your Espresso machine, the longer it will serve you with the best of your needs.

To ensure that it breathes and shines after every grimy use of crushing the beans to a spumy hot cup of coffee, your machine will need a thorough cleaning regime. 

But in case you are clueless about how to clean breville espresso machine that true shine it deserves, please sit relaxed and follow the simple steps below to make your Breville all new and ready to use again:


Earlier, a cleaning process would mean a whole set of screw drivers, bolts and  surfactants that would require you to open up your machine and end up in a mess. However, with time, cleaning and maintaining your equipments is simpler than never before !

Just clean it on the go, quick cleaning is the fastest process to clean your machine as it takes only 5-10 minutes to ensure you have clean filtered coffee running through the spout again! As it is one of the simplest processes you may try cleaning it even twice or thrice a week or after every usage of your machine. 

What you will need ?

For this you will be needing-

ü An espresso cleaning tablet easily available in any online site like Amazon or even at your nearest store


ü A damp piece of cloth to clean it dry after it has been washed.

Simple Steps :

·       Make sure your machine is not in use, or has  it been in use recently, make sure to wait until it cools down before you start the cleaning process.

·       Fill the water tank completely with cold water.

·       Make sure the drip tray is empty

·       Take the portafilter, insert the single filter and then the rubber disc in it. You may refer to your Breville Espresso manual to identify these parts.

·       Lock the portafilter in the grouphead.

·       Now press the Single (Cup 1) and double (Cup 2) shot buttons together and then the Power button for three seconds. 

·       The ‘CLEAN’ Light on your machine will start flashing (please repeat the process if it isn’t a success)

·       It will take around 5 minutes for the cleaning process as water pours out intermittently giving your filter a thorough rinse.

·       Once complete you will hear three beeping sounds.

·       Remove the filter and make sure the tablet has dissolved completely. Although it is soluble and dissolves as soon as it is immersed in water, yet sometimes it may take longer and if not dissolved the process may be repeated.

·       To stop any spreading of water you may place a coffee cup below the filter to collect all the dirty water it pours

·       You may also repeat the process with clean water to ensure no cleaning agent is left behind.

·       Clean the machine with a damp cloth at the end 


However, quick cleaning might not be able to clean the inside components of your machine like the water tank, heating and steaming systems and other parts that may accumulate dirt with longer usage. But opening up your machine to find it into bits only for cleaning is definitely not a good idea.

Accumulated dirt, grime and layers of minerals from your hard water may also lead to a bad hygiene and may make you sick even before you realize.

So, complete cleaning is required for your Espresso machine periodically to  ensure that you avoid any mineral scaling up inside your machine due to hard water. This process also removes all sorts of grime, additional layers or any dirt deposit to accumulate inside the machine.

What you will need ?

For this you will be needing-

·       1 cup of White or Distilled Vinegar

·       1 tsp baking soda


·       1 Cup of water

Simple Steps :

The build-up of scaling minerals from brewing with hard water requires decalcification of your Breville brewing machine. Decalcification is the process of removing any outer layer that may have built up due to deposit of minerals, calcium or any external matter. 

The presence of minerals like magnesium, calcium or other agents makes water so-called ‘hard’ which when heated releases these agents, which further accumulates in the walls of where they are contained. The removal of these agents need a complete cleaning, with simple ingredients usually available at your home. 

Otherwise, these ingredients are very commonly available in the local market.

·       Pour all the ingredients in the water tank and place a container below the group head and the steam wand.

·       When the mixture is hot enough and brewing temperature is reached, the buttons on the control panel will be flashing.

·       Press the Cup 1 button to fill half a cup of mixture into the container through the group head.

·       Then set the ‘Steam/Hot Water’ option to the ‘hot water’ position and allow hot water to run through the hot water outlet for approx. 30 seconds.

·       Finally set the ‘Steam/Hot Water’ option to the ‘steam’ position and allow steam to run through the steam outlet for approx. 30 seconds.


·       Any remaining mixture in the water tank can be drawn through a manual pour again by pressing the Cup 1 button.

·       You may repeat this process once or twice a week if you are generally facing problems with hard water.


·       However, we recommend you rinse the water tank thoroughly with cold water after you do a decalcification every time.

Either at leisure or rushing between your daily activities these two processes will give you a relaxing fix and completely fresh cup of brimming hot coffee.

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