Coffee Machine Reviews: Philips Saeco Poemia Review

coffee machine reviews

A tasty cup of hot coffee helps to make your morning complete. Is not it? It is essential to have a good coffee maker at home or office when you need a cup of hot coffee to boost your energy and mood. Here our coffee machine reviews will help you to find the best coffee machine.

If you look for a best quality programmable coffee machine or a Top espresso machine, a personal coffee maker can help to brews one cup at a time. The Saeco HD8327/47 Peomia top espresso machine, black can be your perfect choice for kitchen or office use.

This device is specially made for home and office both, so that you can get your delicious coffee anytime you want. This top espresso machine can make enough for everybody in your family or your company for all your coworkers that also can keep a large party satisfied.

A tasty cup of hot coffee with Philips Saeco HD8327/47 Poemia Top Espresso Machine

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Coffee Machine Reviews: Important Feature

Philips Saeco HD8327/47 Poemia Top Espresso Machine

# Time to Brew Perfect, Rich Crema Coffee with Frothed Milk or Hot Water

Making a cup of ristretto or espresso is easy now. Philips Saeco espresso coffee machine helps to brew perfect and rich, creamy, tasty and barista quality coffee just in few minutes.

The device is made with 15 bar pressure feature and portafilter technology which help to prepare a real cup of Italiano espresso coffee at home.

Portafilter provides easy-serving-espresso pod holder including filter case. This machine has Pannarello steam nozzle which froths milk until you get your desired level of consistency in your milk. The device delivers a premium cup of coffee with perfect cream and flavor with every use. With the steam nozzle, you can make a cup of tea or hot chocolate with hot water.

# Unique Pannarello Steam Nozzle Prepares Espresso & Other Beverages

You can create traditional and tasty coffee with thick and frothed milk with the help of this machine. The machine has a steam nozzle that provides a level of consistency to the milk after frothing.

Even you can make tea or other beverages like tea or cappuccino or macchiato or Americano with this machine because of the steam nozzle attachment. The machine has programmable control light which blinks when the machine gets ready to prepare a cup of coffee or steam water.

Just press the right bottom and gets your tasty and flavorsome coffee just at the moment. You can de-touch the tip of frothing for cleaning purpose.

# Compact Design Including Cup Warmer Surface

The machine is made of superior quality stainless steel. Thus it is durable in use and easy to maintenance. You can use this tool for the everyday purpose for its ergonomic outline and compact shape. The back and front of the machine are made of stainless steel.

You can quickly clean water tank, drip tray as well as refill the coffee ground at home. The device is come up with cup warmer surface which helps to preheat your cups as well as intakes the flavor of every cup of coffee. The preheated cups keep the cream of your coffee firm as well as delicious in taste.

# Premium Quality Coffee Espresso Machine at Affordable Price

Every unit of Philips Saeco machine is tested before handed over to the customers. The machines are tested making coffee. The machine is user-friendly and easy to handle every day. If you face any difficulty using the device, then you can follow the instruction book or call the customer care.

The machine is made with 15 bar pressure feature which is perfect for making delicious and creamy texture in every cup of coffee you will make. It also has a stainless steam nozzle, cup warming surface, and port-a-filter feature which make the machine unique and exceptional in the marketplace. The machine brews single shot coffee easily.


  • The machine is patented pressurized with a quality port filter made that can give you a long lasting delicious creme coffee.
  • The main advantage of this coffee machine is the uses of ground coffee and easy serving espresso pods
  • It is simple to prepare frothed milk with the Poemia Class's steam nozzle.just insert the Pannarello steam wand into the milk and froth
  • This machine uses heat from the boiler to warm cups, adding to the machine's efficient operation.
  • It is built with 15 Bar pump and high-quality stainless steel cup warmer.


  • This coffee machine is not suitable for large family or office, right for a small one.
  • You can make beverages for your family and friends who are small in number.
  • It has only stainless steel front, not all the body covered with stainless steel, if it is, it could be better.

Unique Features

  • It made of stainless steel front quite good compared to other products in the market.
  • It can produce tasty, rich cream and aroma flavored coffee.
  • It has pannarello steam wand that is good for frothing milk and hot water at the same time.
  • The company built it ergonomically for everyday use.
  • It has cup warming surface, which helps developing coffee flavor.
  • It is 100 percent tested and guaranteed.
  • It is made with pressure filter 15-bar pumps for high quality and easy extraction.
  • It has a removable high-quality water tank to clean the machine easily.
coffee machine reviews -Saeco HD8327/47 Poemia top Espresso Machine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the use of cup warming surface built in this coffee machine?

Ans: It is one of the great features that a few companies provide. This cup warming surface helps developing coffee flavor.

Q. Can I use on a regular basis and clean easily?

Ans: Yes, sure, you can use every day. This machine is specially designed for everyday use. It has removable drip tray and water tank that you can easily remove from the machine and wash it.

Q. Is the coffee machine body good enough?

Ans: The coffee machine body, the especially front side is made of stainless steel that made it durable enough.

Final Verdict

You can choose your best coffee machine and also a programmable machine that can help you make a great cup of coffee anytime you need at home and office. The coffee machine reviews will help you to know and buy Saeco HD8327/47 Peomia top espresso machine the best coffee machine in present day market.

This can be your primary as well as an advanced coffee maker that you need without any fuss. If you are searching for a great coffee maker to entertain your kitty party at home, sometimes make your coworkers impressed serving great coffee and especially for your small sized office.

The company is delighted in offering this excellent coffee maker whatsoever group you have to serve. This coffee maker can keep your coffee fresh for a long time. It is built with high-quality stainless steel that gives a standard look and enough durability that most of the everyday users look for. So, it is the time to keep going back for one more cup of coffee throughout the morning.

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