The Ideal Espresso Grinder for The Coffee Lover


It is difficult to determine the exact time of the discovery of this remarkable plant, for which we can safely say that it is a universal beverage and the most popular stimulant in the world that you can find at any point of the globe. Is the basis of many historians, however, agree, is "the birthplace of coffee" – Coffee in Ethiopia after which the plant got its name.

African natives were initially used coffee as food – they were ground and mixed with water and spices and even animal fat, making balls that were used before the battles that give them strength. Ethiopians are making wine from coffee; they let dried beans to ferment in water.

For hundreds of years, Ethiopia was the only place he knew about the benefits of the black drink. Only in the XV century, the Arabs saw what they were missing and began to cultivate this plant. Historical data show that the coffee first began to cultivate and use as a hot drink in the Arabian Peninsula, and the next few centuries, Yemen has become a major global supplier of coffee.

In order to make coffee from beans to powder, you must have a proper mill, in order to get the fast and unique extraction. That is why espresso grinder is a perfect match for you. It will give you the possibility to explore the different varieties of coffee and in a matter of second; you will have perfect coffee powder in order to make your favorite drink. You will feel like our ancestors, who also did that handmade, of course, with different types of mechanisms, but it was the same principle

Espresso Grinder: Features

espresso grinder

#Small, Lightweight and Portable

Its compact design will provide you satisfaction while you are extracting powder anywhere you want to go. You could easily put it in the bag and wear it everywhere you go. If you have the distinctive taste of coffee this is a product for you.

You could easily travel with it, in order to be satisfied everywhere you go. Because coffee enthusiasm doesn’t go away, it only gets bigger. So why wouldn’t you give yourself permission to have this kind of product which will make your life easier, happier and you will be the main attraction in your surrounding

#Easy to Use, and Easy to Clean

The idea of the portable mill has always been the greatest thing of all. When you sit in nature and you remember the smell, you just have to look around, find your mill and in a minute you will have fresh coffee.

The important thing is that you can see the process of beans becoming powder. When you are buying already made coffee, you haven’t seen the process of extraction, so you don’t how they made it. Now, that became thing of the past. You can just use wherever you are, and clean it with a simple rug and water

espresso grinder


  • HarioSkerton Ceramic Coffee Mill is perfect espresso grinder for your everyday, outdoor and indoor use.
  • It is very lightweight, so you can carry it around with yourself everywhere you go.
  • If you are coffee enthusiast you will get the perfect product for making a greatest, homemade coffee of your desires.


  • You have to be consistent while milling coffee, because some beans may be a little harder to break, than other.
  • It is not the automatic principle of extracting coffee, but manual. But that is not a problem because in a matter of minutes you will have your own blend.
  • You have to clean it after every use, in order to have better blend of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to clean the coffee grinder?

A: There are different techniques for cleaning. You only need rag or paper towel and water, but there are some different types of internal cleaning in order to your product stay in your home long.

Q: Can I use the chemical for cleaning the HarioSkerton Ceramic Coffee Mill?

A: No, you should never clean it with chemical, because it may endure and combine with the taste of coffee, and you don’t want to be poisoned.

Q: Can I grind anything else except coffee?

A: Yes, you could in theory to grind spices or something that is not too hard and heavy

Final Verdict

Once you have perfect HarioSkerton Ceramic Coffee Mill your life will change. Even If you have never ground coffee before, the protocol of using it is very simple, manual, and if you are a coffee lover, this product will give you satisfaction wherever you’re going.The idea of the portable coffee grinder is great because it is not limited by electricity.

You only need coffee beans and will to mill it. You don’t have to go to coffee place in order to get fine brewed coffee. You can make it in your home, in a minute process which will ensure your satisfaction. So, don’t go with your friends always in a bar or coffee shop. Call them in your house, and do the magic. They will be satisfied and that is the main purpose of this product

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