How to Grind Coffee without a Grinder

Coffee is absolutely not everyone’s cup of coffee. But if it’s yours, and you are the one whose buds are always high on the first brimming sip of a brewing hot coffee, you surely know the blend.

 Now how about watching your own plump, browny beans being ground to the best taste you always had in your mind! As a bonus, you are doubling up the potassium levels by grinding coffee at your home rather than trusting on the vapid tastes of your nearest store. 

Now let us learn how we can make coffee out of those fresh essential beans you already got in the cabinet. But this time, we will make sure the grinder doesn’t pose enough challenge. So if you don’t own a grinder, there are few other options you can explore!

Grinding whole-bean coffee before brewing does give the kick of organic taste, without exposing to oxygen and added preservatives, and keeping intact the natural flavour of coffee from being bland and rancid.

How will you grind the fresh beans for all that necessary cup to kick start your day?

With few simple kitchen tools and pulling your socks up, you could synchronize the texture and consistency which could be made in a grinder without having you run for miles to fetch one before breakfast.

Have the following items handy

  • Patience: the key to make an ideal coffee
  • Ziplock cover
  • hammer
  • Large board, as beans will fly in various direction.

#1 Mortar and pestle

What we require is a Hollow vessel which is enough to contain the number of coffee beans you need to grind and a hard pestle. If the mortar is small put the beans batch-wise.

 How to Use it:

1.Put the coffee beans in a mortar then  pound it with a pestle AND KEEP ON SWIRLING

2.Continue this until the beans crush and being to break down into small chunks which later will turn into a fine powder which might take somewhere around 4-8 minutes.

 3.Transfer the content into tea strainer then gently shake it so that the finely grinded coffee powder is collected into a bowl which is placed below the strainer.

 4.If you find large chunks of coffee beans repeat the whole process again.

#2 Hammer

You will need a ziplock bag, hammer and coffee beans.

How to Use it:

1.First, your place some beans into the little ziplock bag start with a small portion to be on the safe side. Make sure that there no room of air inside the bag else it will open a way to whole new problems.

2.Put multiple layers of zip lock to prevent the bag from puncturing and spilling the beans on the floor.

3.Now, place the zip lock cover on a concrete surface and hit it with a hammer. You could also use hard flat object else use a flat rock to crush the beans keep on crushing. All it just takes are few seconds to turn it into a fine powder.

4.Open the bag shift the content into a clean bowl. Your coffee power is ready to take a bath in hot screaming water.

#3 Rolling Pin

How to Use it:

1.Just take some of your coffee beans put them on your countertop or cutting board.

Note:(this method will need extra cleaning since it going to  get messy. As you keep on applying pressure coffee beans will slip away  from the rolling pin.)

2.Put your rolling pin in the centre of coffee beans and crush them you have to work on it for a while.


How to Use it:

Note: Read your user manual before you use the blender to prevent the motor from burning up.

1.Take few coffee beans put it in the jar and make the settings for maximum and turn it on.

2.Now check your coffee beans in there few times and also check the grind you need. If you want a very fine one you need to power it up for a few times or if you want a course just leave after the first turn.

Time to Prepare coffee

Now as you have decided what type of coffee you want and the ingredient is ready all you need is some screaming hot water and prepare as usual.

A French press is preferred for simplicity as all you have to do is take the top off scoop your ground coffee in it next pour the screaming hot water it in your French press as per your requirement put the top on and let it marinate for 3-4 minutes longer if you like it stronger, less if you like it little weaker. 

After few minutes you do what the title says you press it down, the trick is to do nice and slowly if you do too fast the ground of coffee that you see going down will go up and you don’t want that just keep all the grounds at bottom then you pour and mix as you desire

For Drip methodtake the coffee powder in a tea strainer place it over the a container and slowly pour the hot water in the strainer do it until you get as much as you want and voila’! its ready. You could use a spoonful of honey instead of sugar. Now sit back and enjoy your coffee.

Basic Things about Grind and Consistency

Different people have different taste over coffee. Before choosing any above method you need to decide what type of coffee you prefer a Drip coffee, French presselsean espresso. This will determine how fine or how course your coffee bean is needed. If your making French press then you need pretty course which these conventional methods will be pretty effective however, if you looking for Drip coffee or espresso you may need to choose blender method because you won’t get it fine if you use the other methods except blender.

 A consistent grind ensures that to extract the desirable flavor in your coffee and also ensures that every cup of coffee you brew is same as to the previous one.

However,an inconsistent grind could alter the flavor by over-extracting few and under-extracting some grounds and will your coffee with savorless aftertaste

If you  are not able to achieve a uniform texture in your grounds, consider the brewing methods like the French press, which is known to perform best with a courser grind may not live up to your mark.

Which Stands at First for Grinder Alternative?

Although there are several ways to grind coffee without grinder, however to achieve the finest coffee consistency and texture, the best option would be mortar and pestle, for a finer grind which is used in espresso machines.

Mortar and pestle was originally made to crush nuts, seeds and spices, so using it on coffee would work like a spell.

SO, there it is: how to grind coffee without a grinder.

With your hands on superior quality of whole beans, grinding your beans could become everyday morning ritual.

Just remember the key is patience and strive for consistency in grind size. If you are using a blender make sure it’s a large batch and if you are using hand tools make sure you have enough space.

With a little patience and daily practice you will be brewing your ideal cup of coffee

Do you have any other ways to grind coffee without grinder? What was your experience with these conventional methods? Let us know in the comment box below.

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