How to Make Latte

Hello coffee people. Coffee connects people, like me and you. Going on first date, but confused where to take your beloved out? Can there be anything better than a coffee house! I don’t think so. One can go on talking long and long only over a cup of coffee. But what if we know how to make latte or cappuccino like coffee house at our home! You don’t believe me! Well you will definitely. So today we will learn how to make latte.

how to make latte

Making a cup of coffee at home is as easy as having a cup of coffee. All you get to do is read and try the instructions carefully and in few minutes your cup of latte is ready. Latte is somewhat lighter than cappuccino. It has less froth than milk as compared to cappuccino. Let’s have a quick look at the recipe of latte.

How to Make Latte: Things You Need to Make Latte

  • Get the good coffee beans that are roasted well and grind them fine. The smell is so very tempting! Once you coffee powder is ready, fill the bottom of espresso maker pot with water and place the filter over it.
  • Fill the filter with coffee powder and put the espresso maker on stove for few minutes. Double check the pot is closed tightly so that water doesn’t spill out.
  • Let’s prepare the steaming milk for latte. Steam the milk with air entering into it. It will give you a very light foam as well as good steamed milk.
  • Probably by now, your espresso must be spreading its aroma in your home. Turn off the stove, as now the time has come to serve your coffee.
  • Get a big coffee mug, which I am sure you might have arranged earlier because presentation matters a lot. Your coffee has to look yummier and definitely it will taste yummy as well.
  • Put espresso in the cup and add steamed milk steadily to make the consistency.
  • Make sure the froth over the milk has to be very less. And your cup of latte is ready to serve.
  • You can add sugar as per your taste.

The key taste of latte is because of milk, so milk has to be steamed well for making it your perfect cup of latte.

This is how to make latte. I hope you liked the recipe. By now you must be accept as fact that making good coffee is easier like sipping it. And another ingredient that will make your coffee tasty is the feeling of love that you will put in your coffee.

What are you waiting for? Invite your loved ones over a cup of coffee and serve them with your special cup of latte. And you can definitely share this recipe of how to make latte with them so that they can as well enjoy the latte. I will go and make my cup of latte. See you soon with your suggestions and comments.

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